Good Fat vs Bad Fat

January 15, 2021

USDA provides guidelines on many farming practices, but their definition and ours don't always mean the same thing. According to USDA Free Range is the same as "Pasture Raised", "Free Roaming,” “Pasture Fed,” or "Pasture Grown". They define Free Range or Pasture Raised chickens, as chickens that have had free access to the outside throughout their normal growing cycle.

To us... Pasture Raised chicken means the chicken was raised on the pasture, not chickens with access to a pasture. Here is my thought process and how my mind works.

Q: If someone told you their child was raised on a farm, would you think that...

A. The child had access to a farm, but spent 80% of their time in a suburb

B. The child was raised, meaning they lived on a farm

Well, we believe honesty and transparency are the best practices, so in our household if we say our children were raised on a farm, you can wager that their home, where they lived, was on a farm. Why does it matter where the animal was raised? Well based on the diet of the bird and overall life cycle of the animal, your nutrients will vary. Pasture Raised birds have higher Omega-3 Fatty Acids and better Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratios (AKA better ratio of good fat to bad fat), we all try and avoid the unhealthy fats, we often cut the fat and skin off our meat, because we have been told fat is bad. Yet our bodies require fat, we just need to focus on good kind of fats. The Omega-3 fatty Acids also known as DHA, are the best additions when you’re eating for two. DHA is essential for proper brain growth and eye development in the fetus and young babies. Pastured Poultry is leaner, which means that they give you more baby building protein and less fat per calorie than most beef, pork and lamb.

The skin on our chicken breasts provide a healthy fat for our bodies, flavor to the meat, and can still be removed for those who do not enjoy the texture. The chicken skin on your grocery store breasts and the chicken discussed on the TV, isn't the same chicken raised by small, pastured poultry farms like ours. The meat from pasture raised chicken, not only has flavor, but it is also dense and more filling, and doesn't have the rubbery texture.

We practice transparency and encourage you to follow our farm and its journey. When you follow us on social media you can see firsthand what pasture raised-chicken means to us and our family. From chores, to daily moves you can see the grass our birds walk on each day and the impact they have on our soils. My parents had a line growing up, you don't know if you like something until you try it. So, I challenge you here and now, give pastured poultry a try and let me know what you think.

Kerissa Payne
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