Springing into Summer

May 16, 2018

So February felt like March, April felt like February, and now May is feeling more like June or July. I suppose it's just going to be a weird year and we have to roll with whatever punches are thrown our way. The way spring has gone really put a damper on two of our biggest spring excitements, putting livestock back on pasture and catching swarms of honeybee's. Luckily animals are back on pasture and munching away happily but we have yet to have a single swarm call. Locally, according to several agencies as well as other beekeepers, we suffered a tremendous loss this year, with most folks in our little 3-4 county corner of heaven suffering between 75-100% loss of colonies. My fear now is that many wild colonies may have suffered the same fates as our domestic colonies and will take years to rebuild. All we can do is wait and see, but if you do come across a swarm please feel free to call us to come and relocate it back to one of the farms bee yards. 


On a happier note we are nearing our first opportunity for fresh poultry of the year and we are excited to add a few new products to the lineup as well as locations to purchase our pastured goodness! Not only will we be offering leg quarters for the grill (this is the thigh and drumstick attached as one piece) but we are also going to start having chicken sausage made in a variety of flavors. I was able to sample some of the sausages that the processor makes last year and I am really excited to bring this healthy and nutritious option to our customers. As always this summer we will have our buyers clubs and drop off locations (including on farm pickup) along with having stands at the Uptown Westerville Saturday market and the New Albany Thursday market. 


Finally I am excited to announce that we are going to be adding some pastured, non-gmo, heritage pork to our lineup, this will be ready in August. We are working with a processor who can do both cold smoking and NITRATE FREE!!!!! cured products (BACON)! Also with our increased lamb flock this year we will be better able to serve our customers ever growing needs for local, natural and pastured products. Please let us know ASAP if you are interested in being on the list for a whole or half lamb or hog this fall and we will get you all the details!

Thank you again to all of our Farm Family and we can't wait to continue to "Your" Farmers 

Charlie Payne
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