Much to Be Thankful For

December 9, 2018

As our growing season has wound down and we are enjoying our time with family and friends this holiday season, it is giving me a time to reflect on this year of the farm. For those of you that know me on a deeper level than just the guy who you occasionally buy meat from, you know that I push myself harder than anyone else ever could, I am also guilty of wanting things now and being a bit impatient. With that being said several people have made me sit down this fall and really look at what we have accomplished this year and how many families we have introduced and nourished with our products (for the record I usually respond with "But look what still needs to be done and where we need to improve") This year really only marks our 3 growing season as a farm, this year also marks the 3rd straight year that we have doubled production from the previous year, along with adding 2 new enterprises and having to completely rebuild a third. It's funny how systems that worked well when you had 100 of something don't work quite so well when you add another zero on the end. But we made it, we reached the end of this growing season and have completed the house remodel and listed the original Covey Rise Farms (if you know anyone looking to buy a home in the country please send them our way!!!!), we also have building plans for our new home and shop completed, fence up at the new farm, brooders in place, excavation, driveway, and electrical service in, and are well on our way to being ready to make the move to our new farm a few miles down the road. Even though we just put a bow on this season, we are already looking ahead to next year to map out the systems that will allow us to continue to serve you and add in the additional capacity needed to meet the demand that we see increasing weekly. 


So how can you as our customers help? First off keep buying from us! This was our first year taking part in farmers markets, and I have to say it was an overwhelming success. I was very nervous that we would have customers that we would only see once or twice and they would buy our products as a novelty or just for a special occasion. In fact, we saw the opposite, we had customers that became so regular that if we did not see them we would ask ourselves where they were and say a silent prayer hoping they were OK. Now the mysterious part, where did those customers go now that farmers market season is over?!? The two most logical guesses for us is that they only eat in the summer time or they think we only farm 6 months of the year and get to go to Hawaii and lay on the beach the other 6 months (How nice would that be!?!) In all seriousness though, if you care about supporting local agriculture and this small farm movement, as much as we love and look forward to seeing you in the summer time and at our weekly markets,  we need you this time of year even more than you could ever imagine. Especially being livestock farmers we still have plenty of product available to feed your families and friends. We are still a farm and still have plenty of bills that come due in the winter time, and yes we still have animals to feed and care for. 


Finally we want to thank everyone who has stuck with us in 2018, with your support we were able to grow another year and continue chasing what was originally called a silly pipe dream (I mean how many kids from the suburbs honestly found a farm and start serving 100's of chefs and families within three years!?!). We had plenty of ups this year (I am looking at you folks who got to enjoy our first pork chops or some of those frenched racks of lamb), we also had some lows like having to start from scratch with our bee's after all but one of our colonies was wiped out last winter or the miserable fall that we experienced where we lost and struggled to get our last groups of chickens and turkeys to gain weight. But like most farmers, we shrugged it off, picked ourselves up, and said "we will do better next year" We can't wait for our lambs to start being born in March and to start all over again, winter is a time of reflection and rest, but spring will be reborn before we know it and we need to be ready!

With that, from the bottoms of our hearts we thank you and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Charlie, Kerissa, and the entire Covey Rise Farms Team

P.S. We have started making natural soaps from our bee's wax, honey, and pork lard. If you need gifts for the holidays it's not to late to order soaps, honey, or gift certificates to the farm!

Charlie Payne
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