About Our Farm

Covey Rise Farms is owned and operated by Charlie & Kerissa Payne. Charlie & Kerissa are a husband and wife team raising premium pastured meat on their farm in Radnor, Ohio. They are first generation farmers, building a farm from bare dirt, fueled by a dream of raising premium pastured meat. The farm was founded on the idea of producing nutrient dense protein, raised ethically and sustainably. 

We wanted our protein to be rich in nutrients & flavor and lack in chemicals & antibiotics. What started as a homestead for our family turned into a dream of sharing premium pastured raised protein with other families across the US. Our goal as a producer is to help you live a healthy and productive life, that focuses on providing quality over quantity. At the end of the day our farm needs to feed our soil first and foremost, then and only then can we feed our animals and families across the country. 

We raise pastured chicken, eggs, lamb, pork, and Turkey's, and only sale products that were raised and managed by our farm. We also have bee colonies throughout the county, raise our own produce and flowers without chemicals or pesticides, and make our own soap from farm raised products. We believe in the improving our ground, and living off of the land.

Purchasing Options

Our products can be purchased through our online farm store or at farmers markets across Central Ohio. We offer shipping across the US and local delivery to those in reach. We also open our growing farm up for on farm pick-up. 

How Our Animals Are Raised

Our farm is organically minded, practicing rotationally grazing across our entire farm. All of our poultry, chickens, laying hens and turkeys are all provided a Premium Non-GMO feed. Our chickens spend the first 3 weeks inside a brooder for protection from the elements, and then are moved outside to mobile range coops where they spend the next 5 weeks outside, eating grub, bugs, worms and anything that catches their eye. They are moved everyday to fresh grass to feed our farms soil and improve their overall health. Our pigs, and laying hens are rotationally grazed and provided a premium Non-GMO feed. Our farm is farrow to finish, which means all of our pigs were born on our farm, running through our pastures and raised by our two hands. Our lambs are also rotationally grazed, but they are pure grass fed and finished. The only lamb that gets grain here is our pet lamb Oreo.


No animal raised by us and sold to our customers is ever given an antibiotic. If an animal is sick on our farm, we will treat the animal, however that animal will be tagged for us to enjoy in our freezer and not be sold to any customer or family. We pride ourselves on transparency and honesty. In a world where there are always hidden ingredients, and clouds of uncertainty over farming practices, we want you to know our practices and trust us as your farmers.

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