Welcome to Covey Rise Farms

From our Farm, to your Table

Who We Are

Pastured Poultry

We are the Farmer's

We are Charlie and Kerissa, a newlywed couple building a farm from scratch. Together we believe in providing our family and our community with Quality pastured meat, raised sustainably, and transparently from our farm in Delaware County.

At the end of the day, we want to know that the food we raise is helping people live better, healthier and happier lives.

Pastured Farmers

We are a Small Business

We are a small business, made of a husband and wife team. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and quality service. As a small business, our customers are like family, and our hope is that you will contact us with any question or concern. When you contact Covey Rise, you are contacting the owners, not the middle man.

Pastured Turkeys

Three Reasons Why You Should Shop Covey Rise

1 When you buy our Chicken

You can rest assured that your meat was raised by this farm and our two hands, that it was truly raised on pasture, fed a premium Non-GMO grain, and it was also moved every single day to fresh pasture.

2 When you Buy Our Pork

You can rest assured our pork was raised sustainably, using rotational grazing practices, fed a premium Non-GMO Grain, and born on our farm. We are a farrow to finish farm, meaning all of the pigs on our farm were born right here on our pastures.

3 When you Choose Covey Rise

You have a direct insight into how your meat was raised. Your purchase not only supports a farm who believes in transparency, but it also supports a first generation farm. We didn't inherit the farming wisdom or the legacy, we started with bare dirt, long hours, and a dream of raising meat the way nature intended, sustainably

Pastured Pork

How Our Products Come

Product Handling

All of our animals are processed through small USDA processing plants the old fashioned way, one animal at a time, in a humane and thoroughly inspected manner, aged and cut to our exact specifications.

We audit all of our plants on a regular basis to make sure they are holding up to our standards!

How Our Products Are Sold

Our products are conveniently available by the individual cut, weekly specials, bundles for you to save, and through our monthly subscription box known as our "Covey Club". We will have Whole or Half Pork Options available this Spring, so make sure you reserve yours in advance.

Where Our Products Are Sold

All of our products are sold through our website for local delivery or shipping orders, or through our local farmers market stand. We have worked with many top restaurants in the past, but since COVID we have only kept up with one.